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The aims and objectives of the Coast and Wetlands Society Incorporated are:
• to promote the appreciation and conservation of all aspects of coast and wetland ecosystems;
• to promote the application of ecological principles in the conservation, development and utilisation of coastal and wetland ecosystems;
• to advise governmental and other agencies, where the Society may be of assistance;
• to conduct research into aspects of coastal wetland ecology;
• to publish results of scientific investigations and other material designed to encourage conservation and appreciation of coastal and wetland ecosystems;
• to increase public knowledge and awareness of aspects of coastal and wetland ecology and conservation.
Members of the Society receive a regular Newsletter and its journal 'Wetlands'.
Membership affords the opportunity to be actively involved in conservation of our coastal and wetland resources, through our research and educational programmes.

Paul Adam,
Please write, with appropriate remittance to:
The Secretary,
Coast and Wetlands Society Incorporated,
Box A225, P.O.
N.S.W. 1235.

The financial year of the Society is from January to January.

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