Wetlands Australia Journal, Vol 3, No 2 (1983)

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A survey of the estuarine benthic fauna of Homebush Bay, Parramatta River, N.S.W.

K I M Robinson, J T Van Der Velde, P J Gibbs


It has been suggested that the area surrounding Homebush Bay, which contains extensive mangrove and saltmarsh habitat, be converted into a Bicentennial Park for Sydney. In 1978 the Municipal Council of Strathfield, Auburn and Concord commissioned a report dealing with this proposal from Macquarie University (Anon., 1978). Although the report covered certain physical and ecological data as well as management proposals, no survey of the estuarine invertebrate fauna was carried out.

This study remedies that situation by reporting on a survey conducted in Homebush Bay by the Coast and Wetlands Society on the 14 November 1982.

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