Wetlands Australia Journal, Vol 3, No 2 (1983)

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A guide to Sandy Beach fauna in New South Wales

D M Dexter


During a 1980-1981 survey of 111 intertidal sand beaches of New South Wales (Sexter, ms 1.), a minimum of 118 species was collected. At least half of these are currently undescribed, which is not surprising, given the fact that there are no published accounts of the sandy beach fauna in New South Wales. However, many of the abundant sandy beach organisms have been described, so that taxonomic literature, at least, is available for these species. Information on density, zonation patterns, species associations, seasonality, and other aspects of community structure is presented elsewhere (Dexter, in press; Dexter, ms).

The purpose of this paper is to present a species list of organisms found along the sandy substrates of New South Wales, to identify the types of sand beaches where these organisms are found, to provide illustrations of the most abundant taxonomic groups, to summarise the literature which can be used for identification of the fauna, and to identify the taxonomists currently working on this fauna. The illustrations provide general impressions only and should not be relied upon for identification. For this, taxonomic references should be consulted.

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