Wetlands Australia Journal, Vol 27, No 2 (2014)

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A preliminary evaluation of frog assemblages in the Pilliga forests

Matthew Mo


This paper provides a preliminary evaluation of frog assemblages in the Pilliga forests, a geographically significant region in northern New South Wales. Spotlighting and call recognition surveys were conducted at 19 sites: 14 fire dams, three woodland sites and two built environs. A total of 11 species were detected, the most frequently recorded being Litoria latopalmata (broad-palmed rocket frog). Five species were also found at sites on built environs. Of particular interest, Cyclorana alboguttata (striped burrowing frog), a rarely seen species in this region, was recorded at one dam. A desktop assessment of species records was conducted to support the field data, accounting for 10 species that were not located in the surveys.

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